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Beer Battered Fries

$8.50 ( v )

Buffalo Wings {Hot}

Served w/ beer battered fries and aioli



Served w/ sweet chilli and sour cream

$10.50 ( v )


Beef Burger

Beef patty w/ bacon, cheese, lettuce and caramelised onion jam served w/ beer battered fries and your choice of side sauce


Chicken Burger

Grilled chicken fillet, bacon, cheese, lettuce and mayo served w/ beer battered fries and your choice of side sauce



Gluten Free Base $4 & Extra Toppings $2


w/ roasted capsicum & eggplant, onion & mushrooms

$22 ( v )


w/ chorizo, onions & jalapeños



w/ tomato sause, mozzarella & basil

$16 ( v )


w/ ham & pineapple



w/ salami, ham, olives, mushrooms & pineapple


BBQ Meat Lovers

w/ salami, chorizo, ham, onion & mushrooms on a BBQ sauce base


Tandoori Chicken

w/ capsicum, onion, tandoori chicken & tandoori sauce swirl w/ a citrus aioli


Kids Meals

All $13

Fish & Chips

Nuggets & Chips

Ham & Cheese Pizza


O'Malley's Salad

Grilled chicken breast w/ roasted capsicum & eggplant, tomatoes, onion, & a leaf salad w/ a balsamic dressing


Light Meals

Bowl of Fries

w/ aioli

$8 ( v )

Buffalo wings

Served w/ fries & aioli

$14 ( HOT )

Homemade Pie

Served w/ fries & your choice of sauce


Bowl Of Wedges

Served w/ sweet chilli & sour cream



Grilled Fish

Served on a bed of salad w/ citrus aioli


Fish + Chips

Tempura battered fish served w/ salad, fries, vinegar & aioli



$1 each

Pepper, Mushroom, Sweet Chilli, BBQ, Hot Chilli, Aioli, Honey Mustard, Tomato, Gravy